Originally posted as an answer to If some people in the NoSQL community hate SQL, why do they hate SQL?

There are two possible ways to look at this question. First, why do some people in the NoSQL community hate SQL (the language). Second, why do some people in the NoSQL community hate relational databases. For the most part, I think people are really not talking about SQL the language, but rather relational databases vs non-relational databases. Personally, I am an advocate for NoSQL solutions, but I do not hate relational databases.

NoSQL vs SQL seems to be one of those polarizing issues within the computer world. To me it is a lot like static vs dynamic typing. I think a lot of the hatred stems from a few issues.

NoSQLers think that SQLers hate them. There is no shortage of people claiming that NoSQL is a fad and that people who use NoSQL are too stupid to understand relational databases. In this case, hate spawns more hate. SQL is typically associated with companies like Oracle and Microsoft whereas NoSQL is associated with companies like Google and Facebook. Google and Facebook are much cooler than Oracle and Microsoft. Relational databases are a lot more complex than NoSQL solutions. A lot of web developers want to be web developers and not DBAs.

Now there are some people who bring up good, well thought out reasons for choosing NoSQL over SQL. However, I would say most of those people do not hate SQL, but just think NoSQL is better suited for some jobs.