Drowning in Data unstructured and denormalized

My Data Reading List

These are some of the books and blogs I have read in the last few years to get up to speed on Big Data, data science, and related concepts.

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Heartland Meetup Group: Intro to Big Data

Yesterday I gave an introductory talk on Big Data to the Heartland Big Data Meetup Group. There was a great turnout for the talk. I had a lot of fun talking with so many people with an interest in Big Data. I posted the slides on SlideShare if you want to take a look.

Thinking Big with Big Data from Shawn Hermans

Pigs in Space


Alas, the subject of this post is about using Apache Pig to process satellite orbit data. If you are an orbital analyst and want to know how to easily process data on a Hadoop cluster, this article is for you. If you are just interested in Pig, this post should give you a good idea of how to use Pig and write Jython-based Pig user defined functions.

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Coordinate Conversion in Cython

One of my projects required conversion of Earth Centered Earth Fixed coordinates to geodetic latitude, longitude and height (and vice versa). I couldn’t find any native Python libraries, so I decided to create a simple library called pycoordconvert. I decided this was a good opportunity to learn more about Cython.

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